David Dyer

Idaho window tinting did a great job today on my house. Great prices. Excellent product. Great customer service. Honor’d a quote I got a year ago from them. Would highly recommend them. They also did the front windows at the Ada county landfill lower office. That’s where I work and also they did a tremendous job. I did it mainly for temp reduction coming through the windows and it does just that. Keeps the house cooler longer and the offices at work you can actually sit in them in the middle of summer. I highly recommend them it will save you money on your electric bill immediately.

Zachary Jensen

Idaho Window Tinting did an amazing job on our home. Very professional and great customer service. Highly recommend !


Jim Jones

This company is the bomb! Our 107 year old North End house had a custom see through glass door which would have cost us dearly....5K to change out. Instead IWT did a pattern film that exceeded our expectations for less than 10% of a custom replacement. We are extremely pleased!

Jerry Mc

Idaho Window Tinting of Nampa, ID, has provided excellent service to us at our rural home since we purchased it in 2013. As we've replaced windows they are our go-to company! Our most recent service call was this May, 2018. They remembered our name and location, and service was as it has been each time they worked for us, EXCELLENT! Most people think of Window Tint being applied to businesses and homes as a Privacy effort, but it truly is more than this! They provide products that reduce heat radiation and the damaging effects of the UV rays from the sun on carpets and furniture. This reduces cooling costs in the summer, and extends the life of the interior of the home and contents. As you can see from the pics, we have large southern facing windows that cover most of one wall. The application of the solar blocking tint from Idaho Window Tinting has paid for itself, in our savings of energy consumption. Give them a call, you'll be glad you did!!

Wendy Arroues

Idaho Window Tinting has installed quite a bit of window tint and privacy film for us and our customers. We could not ask for a better, more professional company to work with and refer to our customers. All who work at Idaho window Tinting are professional, friendly, timely, and simply just great people to work with. We highly recommend them for all of your window film needs.